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Who are Barb and Bob Huttinga ?

Here They Are !!

Barbara Huttinga started her career as a hair dresser, owning her own shop for 35 years.  During the later years of that work, she became ill from the chemicals.  


This led to a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journey to find her way back to health.   During that time she attended Naturopathic Institute of Training and Education and became a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist, and Naturopathic Educator.   In addition, she studied Iridology, Body Analysis, and Muscle Response Testing and is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. 


She also attended a three year training program through the Coptic Fellowship and became an ordained minister.    Although, she uses these tools mostly in counseling, she is licensed by the State of Michigan to perform weddings and other ministerial functions.  


Recently, Barb attended training in Toe Reading.   This fits nicely with Reflexology and Massage.   Toe reading helps Barb find the emotional state of her clients to better help them move on in their lives.     The Reflexology, Massage, Emotional Release, and Rain Drop Therapy can then be used to help a person make the needed corrections.


True to the mission of The Healing Center, Barb possesses skills to help people: Body, Mind and Spirit.

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Bob Huttinga started his career as a Certified Physician Assistant in Lakeview, Michigan in 1976, working in a traditional family practice.  Later, while working in Occupational Health, he began to experience the effects of stress: high blood pressure and an ulcer.  After taking a relaxation class and later studying The Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control, Bob learned how to eliminate those stress related health problems simply by using his mind.    That led to more study: Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).    


While working at The Born Clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bob was introduced to Alternative Medicine, although he had been using Body-Mind-Spirit methods for many years.   


Later he found Homeopathy and Naturopathic Medicine which has become central to his approach to Health Care today.    Bob continues to constantly study, including several Schools of Ancient Wisdom.   He continues work on his book, “Put Your Health in Your Own Hands”.   This is also the name of a newspaper column that Bob writes for several local newspapers and Natural Awakenings magazine.


In 2008, Bob embarked on a project which he calls “Mind Coaching”.   Based on all this experience, he has created a series of CDs designed to awaken people to the fact that they can use their mind to heal their body.   Current titles include: “Coaching for Perfect Health”, “Christian Coaching for Perfect Health”,  “Fit, Clean and Sober – Mind Coaching for Recovery from Addictions”, and “Pay Attention – Mind Coaching for Kids and Teens”.    Other works are underway for insomnia, stress, pain, and sports performance. 


Bob is a Certified Physician Assistant and a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.   At the Healing Center he practices Holistic Health using Traditional Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine and more.   Dr. Willis Gaffney, MD is the Medical Director.   Bob did work at the Urgent Care at Gratiot Medical Center in Alma, Michigan, but as of December 2012, he will be full time at the Healing Center in Lakeview.


Bob's new books Put Your Health in Your Own Hands  and A Shortcut to Success are now available through our online store, at or at The Healing Center in Lakeview. 


Your Success         


Barb and Bob opened The Healing Center in Lakeview, Michigan in 2005.   Their mission is to help people awaken to their own power.   Their Motto is:   “Put your Health in Your Own Hands”.    


Barb and Bob both lecture and are available to present talks on a variety of topics such as Natural health, Homeopathy, Metaphysics, Nutrition, Bio-identical HRT, Self-Mastery, Addictions, etc. Call (989)352-6500 or email



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