The Healing Center
332 S. Lincoln, Lakeview, Mi. (989) 352-6500

Store hours: M-F 10am to 6pm  Sat. 10am to 3pm  Sunday Closed


The Healing Center Hours

Monday thru Friday    10am to 6pm

Saturday 10am to 3pm

Sunday Closed


Consultations with Bob Huttinga, PA-C and Sarah Vanderhoof, PA-C

Medicare, Blue Cross, many commercial insurances accepted

No Priority Health. Bluecare Network, or Medicaid accepted

Without insurance, Fees: Initial Visit - One Hour: $95 to $178 (Usually $150) Follow-up - 30 Min. $50 to $75  (Usually $69)

(This is discounted 20% from the set Medicare/Blue Cross fee, and determined by the complexity of the visit)

General Family Care Children and Adults of all ages

Holistic Health Traditional, Herbal, and Homeopathic Body-Mind-Spirit

Natural Treatment for Cancer Recomendations for Alternative Treatments in addition to or instead of Chemo and Radiation

Hormones and Thyroid Hormone Replacement can be safe and effective

Diet and Nutrition We focus on nutrition for health and feeling good, weight control is secondary

Hypnosis for Weight Control, Fees vary with the program

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking  Fee $150 for one session, free if needed

Saliva Testing for Bio-identical Hormones $150 Get set up to test for hormone imbalance

Food Allergy Testing: $150 for 96 foods or $250 for 184 foods, Candida Testing $145

DOT CDL Physical Exams for Truck Drivers   $95


Consultations with other providers

Call for fees for the following Services (989)352-6500

Massage Professional Massage from Light Touch to Deep Tissue

Reflexology Healing Massage of the Feet

Emotional Release Massage Powerful tool to release harmful emotions

Reiki An oriental hands-on form of natural energy healing

Toe Reading The shape, size and direction of the toe tell about our current emotions, Can be done over the phone and internet (call 989-352-6500)

Ionic Foot Detox Change toxins to ionic forms so they can be removed from the body

Ear Candling Safe, effective way to remove ear wax

Cranial Sacral 

Iridology The iris of your eye can lend much information about your genetic weaknesses

Rain Drop Therapy Oils and light touch massage are use to release and heal emotions

Blood Typing Knowing your blood type will help you select the correct foods for your system

Muscle Response Testing Your body knows what it needs, this testing will let you know


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